Fall is here and we’re already almost a month into Husker football season!  Time certainly does fly!  Can you believe we’re already thinking about the holidays?  And I’m not just talking about Halloween, which is, indeed, right around the corner.  I’m also talking about Christmas.  If you’re a business owner, you probably know that now is the time to start planning your company Holiday Party and to begin looking at your corporate gift giving needs.  Fortunately for you, we cover both topics in our magazine this month, so make sure you take a look at these stories!

On a different note, we’re also featuring a very important and serious subject in our next story on Breast Cancer.  It’s likely that you or someone close to you has been touched by this terrible disease and our story will cover everything from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and beyond.  If this is something you have ever dealt with or are currently dealing with, you should make sure to take time to read it.

Personal Planning is the topic of our next story and it covers everything you need to get your ‘ducks in a row’ from working with an accountant to an attorney to making plans to get healthier.  This story covers a number of topics and many of them are likely to apply to you!

Our final story is for all those home or business owners who have a yard and aren’t sure what to do with it as the season changes.  You want to make sure your yard and outdoor areas look as good as they can throughout the fall and winter and that they’re properly prepared when spring rolls around again, so please take a look at our Fall Landscaping ideas for tips and ideas.

We hope everyone is excited for the holiday season and has some fun and spooky plans for Halloween!!  Thanks, as always, for all your support!