Paige-ZutavernWelcome to our July issue! We are right in the middle of summer, which means a full line-up of holidays, vacations, weddings, outdoor activities, and many other events that have and will continue to keep us all very busy! For those who are looking to add another endeavor to their summer schedule, this is also the perfect time to take on a home remodeling project or prepare your business for a trade show in the fall.  We have plenty of information to help you tackle those important projects, as well as a focus on men’s health issues and dealing with life’s unexpected changes.  Finally, be sure to check out our special non-profit feature—there are a ton of opportunities to support local organizations that are doing invaluable work in the Omaha community!

This month also marks our 20th anniversary in Lincoln, and it is hard to believe that we have hit such an impressive milestone—time certainly flies when you work with great people and wonderful businesses on a daily basis!  We take great pride in this accomplishment, and certainly couldn’t have done this without so many great clients who have made our success possible.  It has been almost six years since we began the same journey in Omaha with the goal of bridging the gap between businesses in these two thriving cities.  Expanding into the Omaha market has provided so many great opportunities for us.  Lincoln and Omaha are extremely different markets, but I have found that they have the same goals of working together to support small businesses and the local economy.  Our mission has always been to create awareness around the vital role of local businesses in our community—our success relies on the success of our clients! Thank you Omaha for supporting us for almost six years—we hope to be a part of your businesses and lives for 20 years and beyond!