Big Things for Strictly Business Magazine!


Big Things for Strictly Business Magazine!

Happy fall, everyone! I’d like to take this opportunity to share some very exciting announcements for Strictly Business Magazine. These recent months have definitely been a special time for us. We’ve had a few transitions within our staff, welcomed a couple new faces to our team, and celebrated employee anniversaries and company milestones. We have also had a busy event calendar. July marked the publication’s 25th year in Lincoln and to commemorate this, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our office with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. Then, on August 28, Strictly Business hosted LIBA’s monthly Coffee & Contacts. Between the two functions, we enjoyed showing off our colorful, collaborative workspace to over 100 people in attendance.

In addition to the effort it took to put on these events, the Strictly Business team was also in the midst of preparing for a much larger production. I’m proud to say that on September 21, we executed another successful Garden Party Fundraiser benefitting Domesti-PUPS. This was the 6th year Strictly Business Magazine partnered with a charitable organization to host a fundraising event.

At Strictly Business, we don’t do these “extra things” because we have all this free time on our hands. On the contrary, putting together two magazines every month is demanding work, but we make the time because we know how important it is to be active members of the community, build lasting relationships, and support local businesses and organizations. I believe it’s this level of commitment that earned Strictly Business Magazine the 2018 Small Business of the Year Award from the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

On August 29, the Chamber presented us with this award at their 23rd Annual Lincoln Celebrate Business Awards Luncheon. This recognition further solidifies our commitment to both the Lincoln and Omaha business communities and, like adding fuel to an already blazing fire, it reinforces our passion for providing businesses and consumers with the most relevant and reliable local news.

There are so many people to thank for helping to get Strictly Business Magazine to where it is today, making this kind of accomplishment possible for us at all. My gratitude begins with my family and friends, and God for blessing me with such an incredible support system. He has truly provided. A special thank you to my current staff and past employees; and, of course, our amazing advertisers and you, our loyal readers. Together, we have grown this magazine into a prominent news source and marketing tool with a strong monthly direct mail distribution of over 25,000 businesses and high-traffic locations in Lincoln and Omaha. In addition, our websites collectively generate over 1 million Google search impressions and 30,000 page views per month. We are always posting all of our relevant content on all of our social media channels as well.

Strictly Business Magazine is truly #PrintProudDigitalSmart, and we feel this is one of our keys to success in winning the title of Small Business of the Year.

Once again, thank you to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for this distinguished award, and congratulations to the other award winners!

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