It feels so good to be traveling again. This is our first travel story since COVID hit, and we picked one of our favorite destinations: Las Vegas! We’ve been to Vegas many times, and it always offers new things to do and see. This time was extra special because the girls’ trip lined up with Paige’s birthday!

If you’ve never been to Vegas, it’s common to feel overwhelmed because of how much there is to take in. That is why we want to give you a few recommendations of must-go places to help you put your itinerary together.

Crush at MGM Grand | 702.891.3222

*Offers variety of seating *Best menu *Reasonably priced

MGM Grand ( is an awe-inducing lodging destination and resort complex in Las Vegas with desirable dining and entertainment options under its roof. One of MGM’s restaurants is Crush (—a part of the famed Morton restaurant family featuring the genius of chef William DeMarco. Crush totally ~crushes it~ with its broad range of menu items, from beloved American cuisine classics to exceptional, one-of-a-kind dishes. Crush is also known for its crafted cocktails, and we had a talented waiter/mixologist who took pleasure in serving us innovative drinks. From the menu, we ordered the Cheesesteak Dumplings and Lobster Rolls for appetizers. Highly recommend both, especially the dumplings because the onion purée and cheese fondue really sends the favor over the edge and they were simmered to perfection. Our entrees were spectacular as well. You need to order the Filet Mignon or Charred New York Sirloin. The meat is so tender. Also, the Ricotta Gnocchi is a total buzz item with the braised short ribs and pea puree combination. Nothing we ordered was a disappointment. Plus, everything was very reasonably priced for Vegas. Most of the entrees come with sides—other restaurants in Vegas commonly charge extra for sides.

Besides the friendly service and delicious variety of cuisine, one of the biggest reasons we’d recommend Crush is because of the ambiance. The restaurant, which has modern Italian design traits, gives you the choice of many different seating options—from table and bar seating near the front, to intimate booths the further in you go. It’s a great place for groups to gather, sip and eat, and kick-off a memorable night.

Chateau Rooftop Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas | (702) 776-7777

*Top-notch bottle service *Cool location *Crowd-pleasing DJ

If you’re looking for a fun nightclub on The Strip that makes you dance like no one’s watching to fan-favorite jams while taking in an unbeatable view, you want to go to Chateau Rooftop Nightclub ( The experience starts right away as you walk up a grand staircase in the Paris Hotel & Casino and take the elevator up to the roof, which is only about four stories off the ground underneath the Eiffel Tower. From here, you can take in the Bellagio Fountain and all the city lights in a whole new way. It’s all outside, so this time of year it’s nice to be able to have the warmth from the heaters around you and the cool air just steps away at any time.

What we love about Chateau is the bottle service. It’s definitely the way to go if you want the full club experience. The club managers will make you feel so special as they take you to your private table and check on you throughout the night to make sure you have everything you want and need. The bottle we ordered was plenty for our group of five ladies and the club’s personal attendants made sure our mixers stayed replenished all night. Every group mostly stays in their private area—it’s nice not to get bumped into by strangers on a big dance floor. The DJ was playing crowd-pleaser after crowd-pleaser. We like how it’s not just rave/techno music like you’ll find at a lot of other Vegas clubs. The DJ plays fun throwbacks. We will definitely return to Chateau the next time we’re in Vegas!