The Virtual C Collaboration Center Coming January 2019!

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The Virtual C Collaboration Center Coming January 2019!

Lincoln’s Premiere Location for Offsite Trainings and Events

Does your business need a good place for productive strategy sessions? – No more cramming clients into coffee shops and restaurants; no more settling for venues that are too small and spaces that are just plain awkward…

Put your business in an environment that will inspire growth and success at the Virtual C Collaboration Center. – Virtual C ( is transforming the first floor of their office building into a state-of-the-art Collaboration Center. Not to be confused with their free drop-in workspace on the second floor where Virtual C’s main offices are housed, this Collaboration Center will serve as an equipped and functional meeting space that businesses can reserve for trainings, brainstorming sessions, presentations, special events, etc.

The purpose:

Our clients were requesting an offsite collaborative space. We did not know of any spaces in Lincoln that met our needs. So, we decided to build our own. Our goal was to create an agile workspace for innovation and collaboration.

– Adam Walter, Chief Information Officer

What makes this space different from other locations in Lincoln? – Flexibility and collaboration! Traditionally, offsite meetings with vendors or clients either take place at hotels, country clubs, or restaurants. These venues pose various limitations because they weren’t intentionally designed for this purpose—but The Virtual C Collaboration Center is.

The Virtual C Collaboration Center is an open, flexible space where everyone has the ability to participate and contribute. It has multiple spaces with the electrical capacity for full on coding dojos! Those same spaces are designed to host collaborative strategy meetings where a manager can take their team offsite to plan out the next quarter or year.

Simplifed catering! Meals,snacks and soda are available and included to make sure your team stays fueled. Outside food or catering is welcome as well.

What kind of groups should use this space? – Anyone doing business in Lincoln who needs a place to work on a project or host a meeting are welcome! It’s common for development firms to rent out rooms for a few days in order to focus on a specific aspect of their software. This space is also ideal for organizations looking to host an event with guest speakers or a presentation of some kind.

We are creating a space purpose built for versatility. Our walls are whiteboards so they can be a blank canvas for your creativity. This will be the place where you go to make things happen.

– Andrew Storz, Chief Agile Officer

Are you stuck managing all the technology at your company with no help? – Virtual C offers executive consulting services, working with businesses to facilitate agile transformation. Specifically Adam Walter works with companies to offer up agile CIO strategy and interim management services. Andrew Storz is an expert in lean, agile cultural transformation; breaking down company silos.

The Virtual C Collaboration Center is a lean, agile team-building site. Book a tour or make a reservation TODAY by emailing!

Gain the Competitive Edge at The Virtual C Collaboration Center:
1701 Windhoek Drive, near 13th Street and Old Cheney, Open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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