Success Omaha Presents Professional Classes for Your Business and Staff

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Success Omaha Presents Professional Classes for Your Business and Staff

What your employees don’t know can hurt you!

Training in the business world is absolutely critical. Have Success Omaha (, a division of ActionCOACH (, train your employees to become more valuable. Great training for employees is as important as a great benefits package. Training also helps organizations retain good employees.

Success Omaha offers 150+ instructor-led courses to help your employees achieve their full potential.

When looking for courses and training programs, it is important to understand that it is not only important to offer training courses and programs in their related fields but also on general topics like communication and interpersonal skills.

Categories of courses offered by Success Omaha include:

  • Administrative
  • Business Operations
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Microsoft Office 2016

Classes are held at the ActionCOACH Training Center. Seats are regularly $99, but there is an introductory price of $49 per seat. Group rates are also available. You and your staff will leave with notes and action plans that can be executed the next work day. All levels of staff members, from entry-level to executive, are welcome. Each program provides both soft and hard training. Soft training includes topics such as phone skills, customer services, policies, safety, and culture alignment, etc. Soft skills improve the person on a personal or professional level with intangible results. Hard skills training refers to training required to complete a specific task. Hard skills create measurable results.

If your workers aren’t happy and engaged with their jobs, it will show up in the loss of productivity, dissatisfied customers, and high labor costs associated with above-average turnover. Keeping your employees happy and satisfied at work will pay dividends that will ultimately lift the business over its competitors in the long run.

About ActionCOACH: As one of the world’s top business coaching franchise, ActionCOACH has been the leader in business coaching for 25 years. They train the world’s best business owners, managers, and employees in all industries in over 80 countries. The courses are time-tested and effective in building the value of your resources and increase bottom line for your company. With more than 1,000 offices in over 70 countries, ActionCOACH delivers its proven business development systems to tens of thousands of business owners every week, owners who turn to business coaching to get the freedom and lifestyle they sought when they first went into business for themselves.

Jim Barger
Jim is a certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH in Omaha. He provides business advice in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Lincoln markets. More than a business consultant, he will help you identify your opportunities and teach you how to accomplish them. As your business coach, Jim will be helping your business in five key areas: Sales; Marketing & Advertising; Team Building & Recruitment; Systems & Business Development; and Customer Service.


Contact: (402) 281-3650 | | 10828 Old Mill Rd., STE 4

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