Nestled in the Capitol District, Roxxy ( is not just a restaurant; it’s a vibrant celebration of individuality and the pulsating rhythm of the 80s, 90s and 00s. Upon entry, the first thing that strikes you is the eclectic decor – a seamless fusion of nostalgia and modernity. The guitar chandelier – suspended over a classy bar, walls adorned with a myriad of cassette tapes and quirky photos and weird little nick knacks scattered throughout create a captivating mosaic, triggering fond memories of a bygone musical era.

Wanting every customer to have a unique experience, the artistry you see vastly changes based on where you are sitting – and will change again the moment you stand up. TV screens rotate through iconic movie posters and the little details you notice in one corner won’t be seen in the next.

Though a stunning venue, Roxxy isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a sanctuary that champions the weird, the unconventional and the utterly fantastic. The beats of the ‘80s reverberate through every inch of Roxxy. Music, pulsating with nostalgia, brings everyone together. Whether you are 16 or 60, you’ll know the songs they play while you enjoy delicious cocktails, appetizers and entrees.

Starting with drinks – we took a minute to decide what to order. There were too many Roxxtails and Roxxy Ritas that sounded amazing – and when we got our drinks, they didn’t disappoint. We settled on a Peach Para Mocktail, Purple Rain and Slimer Roxxtails as well as Peaches ‘N Cream and Pineapple Tajin Roxxy Ritas. We gushed over their presentation and happily sipped away while we waited for food to be served.

Per the recommendation of Marketing Director Jason and President Tony, we ordered Fried Pickles, Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread, Macho Nacho Platter, Roxxy Mac N’Cheese, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries and the Grad-itude Burger with French Fries. Fun fact, $1 from every Grad-itude Burger is donated to the Graditude Baseball Camp.

When the food came out, we were amazed at both how delicious everything looked as well as how the smell instantly had our mouths watering. Everything tasted phenomenal, and we found ourselves cleaning the plates and eating more than we probably should have. All said and done, our top three items included the Fried Pickles, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries and Buffalo Chicken Flatbread – they knocked it out of the park!

To say the least, Roxxy is a very unique venue that we highly recommend checking out. The atmosphere was unbelievable, and we can only imagine how eccentric it is late on the weekends when the live DJ gets everyone out on the dance floor.

Check out Roxxy at | 1150 Capitol Ave.