rodizio grill lincoln nebraskaWe recently had the chance to dine at Rodizio Grill, which is not only new to Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District but a restaurant concept that is the only one of its kind in Nebraska. Rodizio takes a unique approach to providing their guests with an unforgettable experience, derived from the fact that in Brazil, a “steakhouse” operates very similarly to an American barbeque. Everyone brings a different cut of meat and dish to the event, which collectively are enjoyed by everyone in a rotation of meats and salads. In the spirit of this tradition, Rodizio is family-friendly and begins with featuring a salad bar with over 35 items on a full spectrum from light to heavy. One side features components to dress a lettuce salad, while the other side features heavier homemade salads such as a BLT salad, chicken salad, potato salad, strawberry coconut salad, tropical fruit salad and citrus pasta salad among many others. There are also traditional Brazilian staples offered such as rice and beans, edamame, ceviche, quinoa, corn and garbanzo salads. Even further, there are several heavier pasta dishes such as stroganoff and alfredo, as well as farofa and madeira mushrooms, which are traditional toppings for rice. With the salad bar option, you also receive unlimited appetizers brought directly to your table including bananas fritas and Brazilian cheese bread. You may choose only the salad bar and unlimited appetizers, but once you visit Rodizio and see the main courses walk by you constantly, it is very difficult not to go for the complete Rodizio package! The Full Rodizio option includes an unlimited amount of their signature meats and other grilled items such as parmesan crusted tomatoes and pineapple, which are absolutely incredible. Among the list of meats featured, which generally includes over 16 items circulating at any given time, are many different cuts of steak, bacon wrapped turkey, glazed ham, several unique chicken flavors including their popular sweet & spicy chicken.

The meat is presented to your table by Rodizio’s Gauchos, who bring it directly from the unique rotisserie grill especially made for Rodizio in Brazil right to your table, which means you are eating it hot and fresh. The portion sizes, while a bit larger than sample-sized, are great because there is an abundance of items constantly available to try.  However, if you really like something, you can request as much of it as you want!  While the highlight of the meats is the top sirloin or picanha, they also serve lamb…which is not only rarely found in local restaurants but when  cooked on Rodizio’s grill, the delicious flavor and tenderness of the meat is unmatched.

picanha rodizio grill lincoln nebraskaThere are plenty of reasons why Rodizio sets itself apart from other dining venues besides the unique concept of a Brazilian Steakhouse. The atmosphere is warm and inviting due to the surroundings just as much as the theme, which incorporates the natural wood and brick restored from the original one hundred year old building, enhanced by the lighting and traditional colorful and abstract artwork. One unique, and incredibly useful, tool that Rodizio has employed is what they call a “toggle,” which looks like an hourglass with green and red components. When the red side is facing up, you are good with the food you have or you are taking a break, and when the green side is up it signals the Gauchos to continuously bring over all of the different meats and grilled offerings. When planning for an evening at Rodizio, allow a leisurely schedule as it is a total experience; we were there for over two hours and not only did we thoroughly enjoy ourselves but we could have comfortably stayed much longer.  Furthermore, Rodizio offers plenty of flexible space which allows them to accommodate groups of all sizes (up to 150 people or more), offering additional privacy, A/V equipment, and customizable options for each type of event they assist in hosting. Their signature drinks and desserts are also either authentic or derived from traditional Brazilian treats, and we strongly suggest not skipping either. Last, but definitely not least, their fare is 95% Gluten Free and they offer a full allergen list.

Rodizio embraces the theme of celebration, so when you dine at their restaurant, it is not just a meal but time well spent while enjoying the company, atmosphere, and plenty of absolutely delicious fare.

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737 P Street