Since 1976, Maria’s Restaurant has been a family favorite in the Omaha area.  With their homemade authentic Mexican food and unique twists on old favorites (not to mention their wonderful Margaritas!), Maria’s is the perfect place to have a family dinner, have a fun night with friends or even conduct a business dinner.  Maria’s make much of their food from scratch, including blending their own seasonings, hand-rolling and frying their own taco shells and blending their own custom gravy (a mix of green chili, a beef base and seasonings) that they use on many of their dishes.  This gravy is the result of blending Midwest seasoning with the owner’s Mexican heritage and it is truly something special.

We visited Maria’s on a Wednesday evening and were immediately made comfortable by their amazing staff.  While relaxing with a couple of margaritas (one of them made with jalapeno-infused tequila, which was spicy and unique, and one called an Argentina Margarita that resembled a delicious white Sangria), we went over the menu and visited with the server about customer favorites.  We were told that the hand-made tacos were always a hit as well as the unique chile rellenos, so we made sure to put those on our list!

We began our meal with the beef nachos and the pico de gallo, which is new to their menu (and VERY good!).  Maria’s also has a bean dip that is made in-house and quite different than the normal bean dip you see come out of a can and is topped with onions and jalapenos.  After that, we moved on to the famous tacos and we can tell you that their reputation is well-deserved!  We tried the beef, chicken and fish tacos, each in their own hand-made shell, and were very impressed.  The shells are made in an eight-stage process, so a lot of work goes into these delicious menu options and everyone should try them at least once.  Our favorite was the fish tacos!  The enchiladas were next and it’s the special blend red chile sauce that really made these special.  We tried the chicken and the potato enchiladas and both were excellent.  Make a note to try the burritos, too, as they are topped with Maria’s signature gravy!

Finally, it was on to the specialties!  Their homemade pork chile, available in either a cup or a bowl, is spicy and amazing and the handmade tamale can be covered with either chile sauce or pork chile.  The real star of the specials menu, though, is the Chile Relleno dinner.  This includes two fresh green chiles filled with beef and cheese, then stuffed into a fluffy egg omelette served with two tortillas, rice and beans.  You need to allow 30 minutes for cooking if you order this special, but it’s well worth it!  Even if you’re already familiar with chile rellenos, these are in a class of their own and are quite unique. We also noted that Maria’s offers a taco salad with chicken or fish on it and that there is even a gluten-free option!  Unfortunately, there was not enough room in any of our stomachs to try it, but it would made a great option for those who want a salad.

Maria’s is perfect for Mexican-food lovers and for those who are health-conscious as they avoid preservatives and MSG and their food is made in-house with fresh ingredients.  Make a plan to dine at Maria’s or have them at your next event as they also offer custom catering.  They also have a newly built party room that is modern and cozy and the perfect setting for any special event and can accommodate large or small groups.

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