When you’re making a dining decision in the Omaha area, you’re probably looking for a restaurant with a great atmosphere, outstanding customer service and, of course, delicious food.  If you’re also looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then Baja Grill might be the perfect selection.  Started in January by Kevin Fischer, who previously managed Tanner’s family restaurant, Baja Grill offers a unique and amazing mix of traditional Mexican fare with a California influence, which results in some of the tastiest dishes we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

We visited Baja Grill on a Wednesday afternoon and got to experience their wonderful party room, which is a private room that can hold up to 50 people and has a full service area.  This would be perfect for rehearsal dinners, birthday parties or company meetings and the $50 reservation fee is taken off your final bill, so the room is essentially free of charge.  Once we were settled at one of the tables, our waiter brought us some samples of Baja’s wonderful margaritas, which are not like your normal margaritas!  These are made with unique ingredients (including beer!) and are absolutely delicious!  The perfect cold drink to have with some of Baja’s spicier fare.

Once we had taken a look at the menu and asked owner Kevin Fischer’s opinion on what were some of the most popular dishes, we decided to start out with the Salsa Trio (homemade mango, verde and tomato salsas served with fresh corn chips) and the White Queso Cheese Dip (a blend of creamy white cheese and peppers topped with pico de gallo and cilantro, served with corn chips).  We were very impressed with the appetizers, especially the mango salsa and the creamy delicious cheese dip.  You can request flour chips as well as corn, and both are equally tasty.

While we ate our appetizers, we selected a few choices off the menu following Kevin’s suggestions.  These included the Baja Double Charred Wings (wings tossed in their signature sauce and grilled, then tossed in sauce and grilled again), Seafood Stuffed Poblano Pepper, Blackened Shrimp Enchilada, Grilled Tilapia Fish Tacos and the BBQ Chicken Pizza.  The stuffed pepper and blackened shrimp enchilada are both new offerings that have recently been added to Baja’s menu.  We were so impressed with our meals.  Depending on your tastes and unique preferences, there is certainly something for everyone.  If traditional Mexican fare is your favorite, the enchilada would be a great choice.  If you want something a little different, the stuffed pepper was definitely one of our favorites.  And if you really aren’t in the mood for Mexican food at all, the BBQ Chicken Pizza is perfect.  We also couldn’t get enough of the double charred wings!  If you’re a wing lover, these alone will be enough to keep you coming back to Baja.

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, and Baja has some wonderful ones!  We tried the fried ice cream and the apple enchilada.  Both are HUGE portion sizes (more than enough for two or three people to share) and absolutely decadent.  We know it will be difficult to save room for dessert with all of the tempting menu options Baja has to offer, but these desserts are well worth it!

Baja is the perfect experience, whether you’re looking for an amazing meal, celebrating a special occasion or need meeting space for that all-important company retreat or client dinner.  Kevin Fischer has done an excellent job of providing a diverse menu in an inviting, impressive setting that will leave everyone who visits with a full stomach and a smile on their face!

For more information about Baja Grill, Please visit their website at bajagrillomaha.com