A Window into Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is the heart of New Orleans. If you’ve been there, you’ve been mesmerized by the lights, colors, music, culture, and historic charm. The new LUX Lounge Omaha, formally Acadian Grille Dundee, brings all of these elements to life. The ambiance is warm and inviting with a variety of seating options—from the bar to large booths. It’s a romantic and energetic venue where you can relax and enjoy entertainment, cocktails, and Southern-inspired dishes.

The Entertainment

The biggest difference between LUX Lounge and the previous restaurant concept is the addition of live music and even comedy nights on Tuesdays! Local and traveling jazz and blues bands make appearances almost every evening. During our visit, we were treated to live music by the Héctor Anchondo Band. Héctor actually entered the 2020 International Blues Challenge in the solo/duo category and came away with the top prize, winning the solo/duo category…just to give you an idea of the level of talent you can expect to hear at LUX. There are also karaoke nights that make for a fun girls night out!

The Cocktails

The cocktail selection is second-to-none. For those who aren’t a fan of the sweet stuff, don’t knock the Hurricane until you try it. This rum-based concoction packs a punch of citrus flavor that will make you go “Whew!” The Brandy Milk Punch might have your eyebrows raising at first glance, but this drink is a part of the New Orleans culture and history. There is a good balance between the Cognac and cream taste, and the nutmeg sprinkled on top brings a welcomed hint of spice. This is a perfect drink right now because it gets you into the holiday mood. As the menu describes it, the Ramos Gin Fiz is a silky, rich, beautiful, elegant drink. It’s got a clean taste. It would be a great complement to any food dish as it brings its own subtle creamy-yet-tart vodka flavor to the table without being overpowering. The Sazerac is a very smooth drink that resembles the ultimate cocktail with its combination of syrup, bitters, and rye whiskey…basically an Old Fashion with “something more” to it. Dubbed our president’s favorite, the Vieux Carre’ (pronounced “voo ka-ray”) is a timeless drink that makes your taste buds buzz. No matter what season it is, you’ll appreciate the brilliance of this cocktail so much that you’ll want to slowly sip and savor it for as long as you can. Note: Each of these creations have their own interesting back story, which can be read on the menu. PRO TIP: Make sure to ask your bartender if there are any off-the-menu mixes being stirred up when you visit. We were treated to a one-of-a-kind cocktail that stole our hearts—the Elvia—which incorporated rum, a house-made mango syrup, and lime juice liquor.

The Small Plate Menu

Small plates are very trendy right now. People don’t want to be wheel-chairing themselves away from the table at the end of the evening because they had such large portions (that’s what the cocktails are for). Bites and nibbles to share that can still satisfy that hangry feeling is where it’s at. LUX Lounge follows this new norm with a well-executed presentation. We recommend the Brussels, which come chilled or roasted with juicy, delicious smoked tasso chunks. Another amazing choice is the Crab Cake salad…there just aren’t words for how good the crab cakes are at LUX (same with its sister restaurant, Acadian Grille). This dish plays on the contrast between warmth and coolness in each bite with its fresh lettuce, and the horseradish-sriracha remoulade drizzled on top sends it over the edge. The buffalo chicken and bleu cheese Lettuce Wraps were a knock-out. Just enough spiciness to keep you going, and they don’t overdo it on the bleu cheese. From there, we had both the Smoked Salmon and Veggie Flat Breads. As much as we are meat lovers, we were blown away by how much we loved the Veggie Flat Bread! The peppers, mushrooms, and onions were fresh and nicely baked in olive oil, and the homemade dough was chewy and easy to eat. One of the most notable menu items is actually the Fresh Cut Fries. Owner Dan O’Brien told us his goal is to have the best fries in town, and we think he can confidently say, “Mission accomplished!” With the option of Truffle, Rosemary, or Cajun, these fries turn heads. They are perfectly seasoned and make your mouth water on sight.

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