Pinnacle Bank – The Way Banking Should Be

From businesses to farms to families, it’s the communities we’re a part of that make us who we are. That started at the very beginning and continues today.

Back in 1938, the Great Depression took a toll on the people and the banks in Palmer, Nebraska. Brothers George and Tom Dinsdale, along with some friends, decided to do something about it. So, they pooled their resources together to open a bank for their community.

They ran their bank much like they ran their farms, and that genuine approach helped them earn the trust of their community. Consequently, it didn’t take long before they were ready to reach out to other towns and states. In the 1950s, George’s sons Roy and Jack opened banks across Nebraska, then on to Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Iowa and Wyoming.

With each new bank, their approach stayed the same. More than just bankers, they saw themselves as friends, neighbors and links in the community. People who did business with a handshake.

Banking has changed a lot over the years, but you’ll find that the professionals at Pinnacle Bank are still cut from the same cloth as the founding Dinsdales. Good people, running good banks, in good towns.

Although we make the latest conveniences available, like online and mobile banking, many of our customers still prefer to stop by one of our branches and talk to the bankers they know by name. We’re proud to be a part of our community, and still to this day consider customers our friends and neighbors.

Now in eight states with more than 140 locations, Pinnacle Bank reported over $9.5B in assets in 2016. Furthermore, the third and fourth generations of Dinsdales are still actively involved. We continue to instill our customer services values making sure each branch and each employee helps you experience The Way Banking Should Be.

Currently, Pinnacle Bank ( has branches all across the Omaha Metro for the convenience of our customers in addition to more stand-alone drive-up ATM locations. Call or stop by one of the following branches to find out more about what we have to offer!

8401 West Dodge Road, Suite 25 – (402) 391-3500 • 1016 Douglas On The Mall – (402) 346-9180 • 10805 Q Street – (402) 339-0700 • 4251 S. 144th Street – (402) 894-4868 • 13131 West Dodge Road – (402) 697-8600 • 16821 Audrey Street – (402) 895-2938 • 18081 Burt Street – (402) 697-5990 • 102 East Cary Street, Papillion – (402) 331-2300 • 611 Pinnacle Drive, Papillion – (402) 339-6449 • 1200 Golden Gate Drive, Papillion – (402) 339-3244 • 12350 Southport Parkway, La Vista – (402) 896-5200 • 20320 Veterans Drive, Elkhorn – (402) 289-3334 • 817 Village Square, Gretna – (402) 332-4261 • 218 Main Street, Louisville – (402) 234-2155

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