Now You Know Fleet Management – Managing Your Fleet Has Never Been Easier

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Managing Your Fleet Has Never Been Easier

A sister company of Now You Know Investigations, a locally owned and operated private investigation agency serving clients in the Omaha Metro area since 2002, Now You Know Fleet Management’s ( offerings help small and large businesses cut costs and run their fleets of transport more efficiently.

NYK Fleet Management’s cutting-edge GPS tracking tools and fleet management software not only helps clients save on fuel, but also increases employee productivity and enhances employee utilization. With our web-based software you can track your vehicles in a real-time environment and communicate with them on the go. Our mobile app lets you work outside the workplace and at your ease.

NYK Fleet Management offers an array of features to enable you to run an efficient and cost-effective fleet. This includes:

Routing Management – Quick and easy with integration of Google Maps. You can create new routes with the ease of a few clicks, and save them for future. You can calculate the distance between travelling points and also create Geofences to track activities of your vehicles in a specific area.

Fuel Monitoring – Gone are the days when you had to manually keep a track of fuel consumption. With Now You Know Fleet Management, fuel monitoring is automatic. Fuel consumption can be viewed in the Reports menu by generating reports or on our mobile apps. You can also set your devices to monitor Fuel Theft.

Real Time Monitoring – No matter where you are, you can now track and manage all your fleet. You can download our smartphone app or log into our web app to check the status of your vehicles. With Google Street View integration, you can also view the exact location of the vehicle.  You can also set Geofences to receive notification when your vehicle reaches a certain location.

Excess Idling – Costs businesses money. It is bad for the vehicle, bad for the business, and bad for the environment. You can now get notifications if a vehicle idles for more than the specified limit. Excess Idling also appears in the reports so that you can manage driver behavior.

Driver Behavior – Now manageable with Harsh Driving notifications. You can get reports on Harsh Cornering, Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration and Speeding. You can set alerts for Speeding and also set penalties for Harsh Driving instances.

With the help of NYK Fleet Management system, there are hundreds of tasks that you can perform with a few clicks, thus saving you a great amount of time. You can also receive daily and monthly reports on fuel, routing, driver stats, time, employee hours, GPS tracking, and much more. Our web-based apps are fully customizable and you can receive reports and alerts tailored to your requirements. Technical support is also readily available whenever you want!

A company founded on the principles of integrity, service, and quality, the Now You Know brand has a reputation for accuracy, customer service, and efficiency. NYK Fleet Management prides itself on building long-lasting partnerships. Through the combination of skills, experience and state-of-the-art technology, we will provide a level of service that is second to none.

Chad Harmening-Now You Know Fleet Management-Headshot

Chad Harmening
Now You Know Fleet Management

“How do we gain customers so readily?

Communication. We listen and we asked questions. We hear the answers and we create solutions. We utilize our customers’ feedback and ideas to constantly improve our business model. Each member of the Now You Know Investigations and Now You Know Fleet Management team embraces a positive attitude that fosters the highest level of customer satisfaction.” – Chad Harmening, Owner

We listen. We analyze. We solve. We are your investigative and fleet management partner.

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