If you’ve ever considered selling your business, or you’re curious to find out how much you could sell it for, let Jethro Hopkins with No Coast Business Advisors ( represent you at the M&A Source Dealmakers Expo in Orlando, FL! It’ll be way easier than doing the whole process yourself.

No matter how seemingly straightforward, selling your business requires hours and hours of meetings, discussions, phone calls, negotiations, reviewing documents loaded with “legal-ese,” and other administrative tasks. Can you spare the time away from your business? For most business owners, that isn’t an option.

The M&A Source Dealmakers Expo, May 12–15 in Orlando, FL, is designed to connect private equity firms with the M&A Advisors…it is the place to be to make deals happen.

This is your chance to pitch your business outside of the market and find out how much it is worth! Jethro is willing to do the leg work for you and, as an experienced business broker and consultant, he knows what’s involved in the process of selling small and middle market companies.

About No Coast Business Advisors

No Coast Business Advisors, co-owned by Jethro Hopkins and Jeff Dousharm, is dedicated to providing their clients the most confidential sales process through quality representation and buyer qualification. The goal of No Coast is to help the business owners to succeed, whether that means selling a business, finding them an investor/business partner, or helping them find the funding required to take the next step. Which is why they also include recommendations for accounting, legal services, financial advisors, and funding sources upon request.

About M&A Source

M&A Source is a non-profit professional organization for middle market business intermediaries that provides training and education for small to mid-size business mergers and acquisitions intermediaries. Founded in 1991 as a division of the Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source comprises over 380 intermediaries across the world.

The purpose of being a part of M&A Source’s community of business specialists is so that every No Coast broker can be the most educated for their clients’ sake, being knowledgeable of best business practices for a wide range of capital.

Here is how it works…

  1. You call Jethro, a merger and acquisitions professional with No Coast Business Advisors, and say, “Hey Jethro! I’m interested in selling my business.” Jethro says, “Cool! Let’s set up a time to meet.”
  2. If you decide to let Jethro pitch your business directly to buyers at the M&A Source Dealmakers Expo, all you have to do is set up a free consultation. Jethro will take it from there! He will review your business and put together a professional investment package for you, which is about a 30-page packet that you get to keep for future use!
  3. Jethro will then take your investment package to the M&A Source Dealmakers Expo in Orlando and pitch your business to buyers and Private Equity Groups (PEGs) who are all in the same room on the same day, representing hundreds of millions of dollars of available capital.
  4. From there, you decide what happens next. If an offer is made, you can either make the deal or you can turn it down and go on with business as usual. No one even has to know that you were considering selling at all.


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