Metro Omaha Women’s Business Center (MOWBC) endeavors to accelerate the success of women in all aspects and at all business and professional levels by helping to create economic opportunities through signature MOWBC programs and entrepreneurship. MOWBC will support this entrepreneurial development by providing educational-based seminars, workshops, legal and other resources. Over 4,000 women have attended MOWBC and many have started businesses, gone back to school and are fulfilling their person or professional goals. MOWBC was established over four years ago.

Who are the owners/important executives?
Co-Founder and President: BC Clark; Board Members: Mary Onken: Executive Administrator; Jane Onken: Treasurer; Marian Holden: Membership Director; Kelly Grant: Social Media; Board Members: Ayesha Station, Jodi Teal, Madeline Moyer, Marlene Hansen, Ruthaa Woolridge, Lee Pankowski and Jackie Webster.

What do you think makes you different from other organizations similar to yours?
What makes us different is that we embrace women right where they are and connect with them. Our forum is not just a breakfast, it’s a support group, a mentorship, a “what can we do to help you with your transition or how can we help going forward”.

What kind of community organizations/groups are you involved with?
MOWBC is involved with and receives great support from many different organizations in the area such as the Chamber of Commerce for Ralston and the Hispanic community, centers for business consulting such as the Nebraska Business Development Center, Small Business Administration, and SCORE, Christian and Omaha Business Women Network, and other great organizations like, Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation, and Springville School  PTO.

What is one of the biggest challenges that your company has faced?
The biggest challenge we face is getting the right people in the right seat on the train, with enough passion and time for the positions. With that said we are looking for volunteers with a desire and passion to help MOWBC grow, educate and empower women to their next level of success as well as support the team on the next phase of our strategic plan. Want to donate time on a short project or committee event please contact by email,  Mary Onken at 402-201-2334 or BC Clark.

What has been your most important achievement as a business?
One of our goals was to create a cash award that would be given to an up and coming woman entrepreneur each year. We took this goal and established the Start-Up Assistance Grant which was awarded in January of 2012 to Beka Doolittle of The next award will be presented at our annual Start-Up Assistance Ball on February 23, 2013.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about your business that most people don’t know?
We live to give back, so MOWBC looks for women and businesses to give a makeover to.  We tried it on a small scale, giving a complete head to toe makeover to a woman. Her self-esteem and confidence rose to new levels. Our next plan is to give a business a “makeover”; getting all the support in place was key to this being successful.  We are on track to completing this by the end of the year. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” –BC Clark.

What is one goal for your business that you have yet to accomplish?
We plan to secure a building in the near future.  That milestone will allow MOWBC to get to the next phase of the strategic plan, where the programs we’ve developed will take action, further empowering women in their endeavors.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Dreams come often, sometimes nightly and they quickly go, but the dream that comes and won’t go away is worth exploring (vision).

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