Classic Outdoor Barbecue, Indoors!

You don’t have to miss out on classic outdoor barbecues just because the cold is keeping everyone inside—we certainly didn’t! In lieu of smoking a rack of ribs outside on the grill, the Strictly Business crew did the next best thing: ordered a catered feast from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

It’s important to note that all of Dickey’s catering, curb-side, and dine-in options are curtailed to COVID-19 guidelines and have options to suit any occasion, including anything from massive buffets to individual box lunches for home or office gatherings.

We had to try all of it. The frigid winter wind and the flurries of snow—not to mention having to stay huddled indoors during quarantine—made us miss summer afternoons and good old-fashioned weekend barbecue. That’s why the enormous feast we had catered to our office hit the spot for all of us—pounds of barbecued meat, buckets of traditional barbecue sides, buttery rolls, and a carrousel of sweet, Southern treats like pecan pie and loaded chocolate chip cookies. We spared no time devouring it.

We were impressed with how much we got. The XL Family Pack is perfect for any holiday, family, or business gathering; even with six hungry adults, we had plenty for leftovers for dinner and even lunch the next day. It came with three pounds of meat of our choice, so we picked the Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, and Jalapeño Cheddar Kielbasa. It also came with three medium sides of our choice, and we went with the brisket-topped Mac & Cheese, Dickey’s famous Jalapeño Beans, and their signature Creamed Spinach. We were also given eight rolls and plenty of individually-packaged barbecue sauce. We were blown away. The Kielbasa was just spicy enough for a small kick but not spicy enough to knock you out, and the pork and beef had that excellent, fresh-off-the-grill flavor we’d all been craving. The Mac & Cheese topped with delicious brisket was creamy and flavorful, the Jalapeño Beans were just slightly sweet, not too spicy, and the Creamed Spinach was so good…we were tempted to just drink it!

If that wasn’t enough, we also had the Delivery Buffet, which came with two pounds of meat and three more sides. We got the Pork Ribs and the traditional Polish Kielbasa—the pork was sweet, perfectly smoked, with meat that quite literally fell off the bone. The Polish Kielbasa was savory and a great alternative to anyone sensitive to spice. We also got the highly-coveted Onion Straws (everyone was asking for more), Fried Okra (a Southern favorite), and their fresh Creamy Coleslaw (the perfect palate cleanser).
There was also the Box Lunch, an individually packaged meal that came with a Classic Sandwich filled with tender Sliced Beef Brisket, potato chips, barbecue sauce, and a yummy Chocolate Chunk Cookie. We noted that these lunches are absolutely perfect for catering to picnics or office parties that follow strict COVID guidelines. By this time, we were all too stuffed to move, but we persevered and washed it down with a few more bites of their sweet Pecan Pie and some swigs of their house-made sweet and sour lemonade—the perfect end to a filling meal.

Dickey’s kept our stomachs (and our hearts) full, and we welcome anyone missing big meals with coworkers or family to get Dickey’s catered or delivered to their front porch or office. You’ll not only have delicious, hearty food, but you’ll also have a great time eating it with others. | 402.408.2878 | 402.905.9673