We just can’t stay away from the stunning city of Las Vegas for very long, and even though our return last month was very brief we still had an evening open to enjoy ourselves. On any free evening in Vegas, one of our favorite things to do is to catch dinner and a show, both of which are exclusively done here on a bold, dazzling and consistently impressive level that is rarely matched anywhere else in the United States.
Viva Las Vegas, indeed!

Koi Restaurant & Lounge | Located inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino  
(702) 454-4555 | koirestaurant.com

koi restaurant las vegas strictly business magazineKoi Restaurant & Lounge is a fantastic spot to spend an intimate evening over dinner and drinks. Koi began with its first location in Los Angeles, and in addition to the Las Vegas venue, they also have locations in New York, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok, Thailand. The ambiance of Koi in Las Vegas is one of its highlights, as it is so warm and rich that it instantly puts you at ease and in a state of relaxation.  Since the restaurant transitions into a lounge and nightclub later on in the evening, it is a great spot to enjoy a later meal and let loose a little bit if you have been taking in the overwhelming list of “must see” places in Las Vegas. The dining area is luxuriously arranged with couches for seating which also give it more of a lounge feel, and they are low to the ground with a lot of pillows for additional comfort. This definitely makes for a perfect date for couples, friends, or any group who simply wants to enjoy the company of one another in a gorgeous setting with a delicious assortment of signature menu items and cocktails. Koi offers a large variety of sushi items on the menu, both raw and cooked, but also has other signature, chef-inspired steak and seafood offerings.

koi restaurant las vegasWe started off with an edamame dish, and while edamame usually isn’t a favorite dish among us, we thought this was the best version we have ever tried to-date. The seasoning of this dish was what set it apart, as it was light but still incredibly flavorful. This was a part of our sampling of starters which included a Bento Box, Koi Crispy Rice, Baked Crab Roll, Creamy Rock Shrimp Tempura, Kobe Beef Potstickers, and Lobster Tacos. The Lobster Tacos offered a delicious mix of flavors with mango salsa and Yuzu guacamole, and it was our favorite item in the mix because it was the perfect bite-size to share but still packs a zesty punch when it hits your mouth. Our main course was a mixture of sushi and other entrees including Tempura King Crab Legs with Umami Sauce and Yuzu Tobiko Caviar, as well as a wonderful Surf & Turf pairing of Australian Kobe Beef Sirloin and Sesame encrusted Lobster Tail.

koi restaurant las vegas travel storyThe presentation of the food was beautiful, and the assortment of sushi was perfect for both a seasoned sushi lover and those who don’t know if they like it or haven’t tried it before. The traditional California Roll generally provides an excellent baseline as it is fairly common, and Koi’s version was wonderful. The cooked items were done to perfection, and even though one of our dining companions didn’t like the idea of raw sushi, her favorite ended up being a raw salmon dish! As far as the service, it was refreshing, personal and excellent overall. The Executive Chef, Tim Horrock, made a personal visit to our table and explained the complexity of each dish—so we even learned a few things on our visit also. There are so many different choices that can stand on their own or pair well with other menu items, that this would also be a great place for a group who wants to try a little of everything to share with one another. Last but not least, we enjoyed Koi Cheesecake and Flourless Molten Chocolate Cake for dessert. These items were delicious, but not simply on their own but because of their special garnishes. The cheesecake came with a coconut sorbet which was incredibly light and refreshing, and the chocolate cake came with homemade ice cream and butterscotch sauce that we couldn’t get enough of. Overall, we can’t praise Koi Restaurant & Lounge enough for being an exceptional place to unwind, enjoy some delicious food and drinks, and have a little fun after an intense day on the Strip.

Rock of Ages | The Venetian
(702) 414-9000 | www.RockofAgesVegas.com

rock of ages las vegasSet in L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip in 1987, Rock of Ages tells the story of two young adults who go to Los Angeles to chase their dreams of making it big and falling in love. This show definitely takes you back to the times of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair! Rock of Ages is a hilarious, feel-good love story that celebrates the great rock songs of the ‘80s including such sing-out-loud songs as “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “I Wanna Know What Love Is,” “Here I Go Again,” “Don’t Stop Believin’” and many more memorable tunes.

rock of ages las vegasThe cast of incredibly talented actors and actresses kept the audience “rocking” and engaged in the storyline throughout the entire show. Their costumes were so fun and flashy, but were definitely in the spirit of Las Vegas as they didn’t leave much to the imagination! We really didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was-which was a treat-but much of the humor is best suited for adults so this show might not be one you would choose to take younger children. There was an intermission as well as an invitation to grab a free drink at the Bourbon Room afterwards, where there was a DJ playing classic rock music, so there was a lot of fun mingling going on and this atmosphere definitely enhanced the overall show experience. In fact, if you already have a drink in hand, you can even bring it into the show with you! If you are looking for some good adult fun, and tons of it, you won’t want to miss a Rock of Ages performance in Las Vegas. What else can we say…Rock of Ages definitely rocked our socks off!

This particular visit to Las Vegas, while brief, was just as incredibly entertaining and enjoyable as we have come to expect from this flashy, glittering urban wonderland that offers something for everyone with its non-stop action. However, it also gave us the chance to experience a couple new things, which were truly unforgettable. Every time we leave Las Vegas we are sad to go, but we take comfort in knowing that our return is right around the corner!