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Taking Care of Your Skin

Cold weather, dry air, wearing masks, more stress…your skin has never needed more love!

As we enter into the winter months, the cold temperatures and low humidity levels threaten the health of our skin. While this isn’t news to anyone who lives in Nebraska, this year we are also combating added stressors from COVID. Major life changes always come with their fair share of stress, which can affect our sleep, diet, hormones, etc. These things have a direct impact on the health of our skin. Plus, having to wear a mask all day traps dirt and oil in our pores. “Maskne” anyone? Beyond skin concerns, this time of year is always harder on our mental health. The shorter days steal our sunshine, freezing winds keep us inside, and the holidays demand a lot from us emotionally and financially. That is why it’s more important than ever to be taking care of ourselves. It’s time for a spa day!

At Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa, there is an entire floor dedicated to their spa services. When you walk up the stairs, it’s like you’re entering into a whole other world of serenity and relaxation. Dim, flickering lights give the hallways that peaceful candle-lit effect, and soft instrumental music puts your mind at ease. A friendly attendant will welcome you and lead you to one of their men’s or women’s locker rooms, all of which are spread out from each other for privacy. The attendant will explain everything to you so that you feel comfortable with the process. A body towel wrap, robe, and slippers are provided for you in a key-locked cubby where you can store your belongings during your session. Once you are changed, you’ll be welcomed to sit in a cozy waiting nook for your esthetician to come and meet you. You can tell they have thought of everything to ensure each guest has a smooth and lush experience.

The team of estheticians at CHD are thoroughly trained in skin care techniques, and they use professional products. Their services include facials, peels, brow and lash lifts, waxing services, and more. Your esthetician will talk to you about your skin before starting to help determine what treatment would be best for your desired result. A highly-recommended treatment is dermaplaning, which involves uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from the face. It’s satisfying to visually see how much dirt and dust is removed through this treatment. Regardless of the treatment you choose, you can expect the following basic services during each facial session:

  •  Cleansing and toning
  •  Exfoliation
  •  Warm vaporizing mist
  •  Extractions to clear clogged pores
  •  Face, neck, and shoulder massage between product application

Through November, CHD is promoting their Phyto Pumpkin Enzyme Peel—a sought-after seasonal treatment that restores and protects the skin. You’ll walk away glowing! In addition, December and January, the salon will be offering their famous Cranberry Peel Facials. Cranberries soothe the skin from the damaging effects of the environment and deliver vitamins A and C. These natural antioxidants will hydrate and remove blackheads.

CHD has a variety of other facials to choose from as well, including a Wrinkle Lift Peel, Lightening Lift Peel, Acne Lift Peel, Perfection Lift Peel, Beta Lift Peel, and—newly added—the O2 Lift Facial. The O2 Lift Facial integrates a revolutionary exfoliator that starts as a thick gel and begins to cling to dead skin cells—you can actually feel the dead skin ball up as the product is massaged in, providing gentle yet effective total rejuvenation in the look of your skin.

“I encourage everyone—men, women, young, old—to come see why we are so passionate about skin care here at CHD. We offer a variety of treatments so that we can tailor the experience for each individual who visits the spa. I recommend getting skin treatments at least four times a year—once every season. It’s makes a big impact on overall health. Remember the 80/20 rule…100% of your results depend on 80% of what you do at home and 20% of what you do in the treatment room. We want to help you regain confidence and bring a little relaxation into your life in the midst of all the craziness! Our team is taking very serious precautions every day to ensure all visitors and staff have a safe experience when they walk through our doors.” – Katy Scott, esthetician at CHD since 2013

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