Clean Eatz (, a restaurant in Omaha offering more than just healthy food, has introduced a novel approach to dining by prioritizing healthy eating without compromising convenience.

Key Offerings and Highlights

Menu and Nutritional Information:
Customers can choose their meals from a rotating menu that provides comprehensive nutritional information. This empowers individuals to make informed choices about their food.

Meal Preparation and Pickup:
Clean Eatz prepares these healthy meals and makes them available for pickup at their café situated at 107th and Pacific in the Regency Landing development. The meals are packaged in microwave-safe containers, ready to be heated and consumed within three-four minutes, ensuring both convenience and healthiness.

Storage Options:
The meals can be stored for an extended period – up to six months in the freezer or for a week in the refrigerator.

Suitability for All Ages:
Clean Eatz caters to a diverse demographic, ensuring that both younger and older communities can benefit from these easy, healthy meal options.

Café and Grab ‘n Go Options:
Apart from pre-ordered meals, Clean Eatz offers frozen “grab ‘n go” meals for purchase. Additionally, they provide a café menu for customers who wish to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal either at the café or for takeout.

Catering Services:
Clean Eatz extends its services to cater to businesses seeking healthier dining options for company meals.

We Change Livez Challenge

Structured Meal Plans:
Participants receive access to curated meal plans designed to be nutritious, balanced and tailored to their individual goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain or simply adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Nutritional Guidance:
Information and guidance on proper nutrition, portion sizes and making healthier food choices may be provided.

Exercise Routines:
Alongside dietary changes, exercise routines or workout plans are included as part of the challenge. These plans are customizable based on fitness levels and goals, and can be used long after the Challenge.

Support and Community:
Offers a support network or community through social media groups, forums and in-person meetups, where participants can share experiences, challenges and successes. This community aspect provides motivation and accountability.

Progress Tracking:
Participants are encouraged to track their progress, whether it’s through measurements, photos or journaling. This tracking helps individuals stay accountable and monitor their achievements throughout the challenge.

Incentives or Rewards:
It’s a nationwide contest with a massive $25,000 prize. The Omaha location chooses one winner that gets added to the other 90 national locations for a chance to win.