New to the Omaha market, Stretch Zone ( is thrilled to bring their expertise in practitioner-assisted stretching to residents of the local area. With locations across the country, Stretch Zone has shared their own ideology of “the stretch” to anyone and everyone looking to become their healthiest version, prevent injuries, and improve recovery and performance on the daily. Since 2009, professional athletes have gone to Stretch Zone to incorporate the franchise’s systems and equipment within their training. However, you don’t have to be a sports star to use Stretch Zone’s services! Stretch Zone was designed to help anyone looking to improve their mobility through enhanced circulation and the creation of a more ideal resting muscle tone.

Stretch Zone’s team of practitioners are certified in personal training, licensed therapeutic massage, or accredited body work, and additionally take part in a 40-hour certification class to learn the different ways to mobilize your body and help you feel your best. Utilizing Stretch Zone’s patented equipment, their practitioners follow specific methods and protocols to properly position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate muscles using powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior. The Stretch Zone Method guarantees to help you:

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