Lifetime Stone Restoration ( specializes in the restoration and maintenance of natural stone surfaces comprised of marble, limestone, terrazzo, granite, travertine and slate.  Every stone surface requires different techniques to restore and maintain them, so they last for a lifetime in your business.  We can remove scratches, fill cracks and holes and diamond hone to a matte or satin finish and polish.

Routine cleaning with the correct chemicals is important to not cause damage to the stone and routine sealing helps protect against moisture penetration and staining. Ceramic and porcelain tiles in particular need to be cleaned routinely especially if they are rough to the touch since dirt and grime can adhere to them easier. The grout around these tiles needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly to prevent permanent staining. Lifetime Stone offers different sealers that can be used depending on each client’s needs.  We can clear seal your grout which will last a couple of years or we can change the grout’s color with a color seal. Color sealing with a color that is close to what you currently have will make the grout close to 100% waterproof and will help it last much longer than clear sealing.

Not many businesses have showers. For the few that do, we can remove mildew, soap, mineral deposits and reseal the grout.  If caulking is damaged or discolored, we can re-caulk the shower usually with a color that closely matches the grout color.

What sets Lifetime Grout apart from the competition? We are not a franchise, which allows us to change our processes and products whenever we need to in order to bring you the best service possible. New products and processes are always being developed and we pride ourselves on staying current in the market. Additionally, we are also not a run-of-the-mill janitorial company that does a large variety of different types of work. This allows us to specialize in the services we do offer, so we can be experts in those areas. Natural stone and grout maintenance is what we are passionate about, and this shows through our work!

Our promise to our customers is that Lifetime Stone will always be on time and will make sure that you know exactly what to expect from the finished product. There won’t be any guesswork!

If you think something you have is beyond repair or too difficult for your janitorial or maintenance crew to handle, please give Lifetime Stone a call.  We have helped clients with floors, counters and vanities, fountains, statues and much more. We’d love to help you next.

“The McMill Building was constructed in 1903 and is on the National Registry of Historical Places. It was first used as a federal courthouse and a post office. The lobby, halls, and spiral staircase are a combination of marble and terrazzo. We needed to find someone who respected the historical significance of the building and be qualified to restore it to its original beauty…Don was very professional and worked around our busy schedule. Our building looks beautiful and we receive compliments daily. I would highly recommend Lifetime Stone Restoration. Thanks, Don!”

– Nancy B. (The McMill Building)

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