Dr. Vernetta Kosalka, an award-winning hospitality professional based in Omaha, is a specialist in hospitality management education and services. In 2009, she founded The Wedding Planner Omaha, LLC, operating as Florist of Omaha and VK Events Floral Planning.

Florist of Omaha is dedicated to providing fresh, unique and stunning flower arrangements. The team, consisting of local floral artists and professional event planners, carefully listens to clients’ preferences to design exquisite tablescapes, centerpieces, bridal bouquets, sympathy arrangements and more. They also offer exclusive access to their line of rental items, adding a personalized touch to events.

VK Events Floral Planning is a comprehensive event planning and design company offering complete meeting and event design along with day-of coordination. They specialize in weddings, fundraisers, corporate meetings/events and private events.

Dr. Vernetta and her team thrive on collaborating with clients for custom orders, allowing them the freedom to design flower arrangements tailored to the occasion. With a wealth of experience in planning and designing various events, they have access to a diverse range of flowers and vases, enabling them to consistently wow their customers with unique and personalized creations.

Dedicated to providing service that goes above and beyond, Dr. Vernetta ensures that clients experience professionalism and exquisite design touches for their evnts. Wedding Planner Omaha and Florist of Omaha are committed to staying on the cutting edge of floral trends through continuous training.

Florist of Omaha & VK Events Floral Planning
15623 West Dodge Rd. Omaha, NE, 68118
(531) 466-3506 | www.floristofomaha.com