Brookestone Meadows ( is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors needing short-term rehabilitation or long-term care. You’ll find a culture of rehabilitation and overall improvement of health. Short-term rehabilitation patients are served by team members trained to meet their unique and specialized needs. Their long-term care services provide quality care and dignity in life.

Jason Nitz
The administrator is responsible for ensuring that the VSL Mission, Vision and Values are met within the facility through the development of strong personal relationships while ensuring effective and economic operation of all facility departments, providing tactful leadership and supervision and ensuring that approved facility goals and objectives are accomplished and quality services are achieved and maintained.

Sydney Kendle
Public Relations Coordinator
As a reliable and positive team member, the Public Relations Coordinator helps to promote the programs and services of the facility. This relational promotion includes but is not limited to prospective patients, residents, family members, hospital social workers, discharge planners and physicians. They help to identify the needs and goals of potential customers to better serve them. They communicate with patients, residents and families regarding placement services and help to facilitate information toward appropriate levels of care. They are known for promoting relationships of trust, confidence and loyalty centered around Brookestone Meadows’ quality services, the honesty of their people and involvement in their community.

Katie Van Boskirk
Social Services Coordinator
The social services coordinator is an advocate for the resident, working closely with the administrator, director of nursing (DON), direct line staff and all other departments to better meet the needs of the resident. Social services is responsible to provide for the physical, psychological and social needs of the residents through recognizing each resident’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs beyond traditional measures. Social services is committed to providing individualized care that enhances the resident’s individuality and collective well being, while sharing accountability toward creating and supporting an environment that provides “Dignity in Life.” Social services is always dedicated to providing each resident and their family with integrity and compassion.

Dawn Truckenbrod
Director of Nursing
The director of nursing (DON) is responsible for providing oversight and direction to the nursing team members within the facility. The DON is a full-time nurse who works closely with the facility administrator, department leaders and nursing team members in order to achieve the goals of the nursing department. The DON interacts regularly with residents, families and staff to ensure that quality care and service is delivered on a daily basis. The nursing team members are committed to serving each resident with integrity, compassion and excellence and the DON is instrumental in developing and maintaining this environment.

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