Dan “Rowdy” Rau (cardconnect.com/partner/dan-rau) has been in the FinTech (Financial Technologies) space for 15 years. He builds digital payments infrastructure for businesses through trust and technology. Rowdy brings a vast professional network and valuable partnerships to benefit his clientele. You can connect with him at the number and email listed above.

(402) 620-3472 | daniel.rau@fiserv.com

Fiserv aspires to move money and information in a way that moves the world. Through their payments and financial services, technology, people, businesses, and financial institutions are connecting with one another every minute of the day. Fiserv enables money movement for thousands of financial institutions and millions of people and businesses for a world that never powers down. They have six million merchant locations globally, over one billion global accounts on file, 12,000 financial transactions each second, 10,000 financial institution clients, and more than 35 years of fintech and payments leadership.

Transforming the Public Sector

Fiserv is committed to reshaping how government, education, health care, and utility agencies move money for the better. They manage costs, drive efficiencies, and create a streamlined, secure environment for highly regulated billing and payments. Fiserv automates billing and payments, disbursements, data collection, document management, and back-office tasks so you can deliver exceptional financial and account services to the people you serve.

Award-Winning Global Retail Banking

Fiserv was recently recognized for the successful launch of the company’s integrated digital and alternative payment methods, fueling digital transformation, and enabling new services for customers. The launch of these new digital payment methods helped to fulfill Fiserv’s commitment to continuous development and the enablement of new digital services for its customers. The outstanding results earned the project recognition as Best New Product Launch of the Year at the 2022 Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards in the Retail Product Innovation Awards category.


Financial Technology (Fintech) has become the number one global issuer and merchant acquirer. It supplies the financial and payments solutions and connectivity that enable technology providers to quickly reach consumers and new markets. It quickly introduces new services, finds a sponsor bank, and extends your reach with the vast network of financial institutions and merchants Fiserv serves.

Serving Large Enterprises and Small Business

CardConnect is a payments platform of Fiserv, focused on helping businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing. They provide solutions for businesses that accept bank card transactions, store sensitive data and seek to push the boundaries of innovation. Trusted by more than 150,000 merchants, they’ve designed the ultimate sales partner experience. They provide the products, tools, resources and value-added solutions that empower our partners to nurture their current merchant portfolios and win new business, all while remaining successful in a quickly evolving marketplace.

Financial Institutions

Fiserv helps take care of banks, credit unions, and large financial institutions. Through their banking, they keep up with digital trends and exceed consumer expectations. They help banks expand their digital footprint, attract lifelong customers, drive value, and pursue a more agile future. A proven partner for next-generation digital banking and payment solutions that deliver great experiences for your customers, they have become the top provider for mobile and online banking. They serve credit unions of all sizes through their innovative technology and services that help you provide superior member experiences and create lasting relationships. The world’s largest financial institutions require differentiated experiences to drive engagement, growth, and efficiency.