At Connect360 (, we are a marketing technology company focused on automating marketing and sales processes to provide businesses with the right information, insights, and solutions for growth and success. We specialize in a range of digital marketing and communication tools that enhance customer engagement and build a robust online reputation through managed reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook.

We ensure our clients never lose a lead by offering advanced communication systems including SMS, AI-powered website chats and social messaging. Features like missed call text-backs and two-way inbox sync keep interactions streamlined.

Our services extend to converting and retaining customers through seamless payment options, AI-driven customer support and mobile management solutions. For instance, our mobile app allows businesses to manage operations remotely, and we support community building through membership areas.

To drive repeat business, we use customer profiles to tailor marketing strategies, achieving high engagement rates through text and email marketing and leveraging advanced ad targeting with platforms like Meta and Google. This approach not only enhances customer interactions but also significantly boosts business growth.

What makes what makes first direct completely different than every single company that we’ve encountered the best feedback I’ve gotten is that we have outstanding customer service. And that customer service doesn’t just come out of thin air. It comes because we have a team that’s tightly aligned with our mission, our vision and our core values, and they understand how important it is to actually impact the success and the growth of our clients.

Our mission is to provide businesses with the right information, insights and solutions, to empower their growth and success. We do this in service of our vision to serve and empower our client’s business growth to positively impact people and communities.

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