Quality and creativity have always gone hand-in-hand at Colby Ridge, and since 1985 they have prided themselves on providing a great product that is fun for all occasions. Colby Ridge started off with, and is quite locally famous for, their gourmet popcorn. Since they have perfected this tasty treat, they have not only expanded the flavors and packaging but they have also broadened their horizons to enter the world of confections. Together, Colby Ridge Popcorn & Gifts and Colby’s Candy cover the sweet and salty bases and offer delicious treats in a rainbow of colors and a wide variety of presentation options.

Signature Popcorn Canisters

colby ridge popcorn omaha nebraskaWhy try just one flavor when there are so many to choose from? Colby Ridge offers plenty of bag sizes for their popcorn, but for an extra bonus they have a wide selection of themed tins that are excellent for gift giving. When a Colby Ridge popcorn canister shows up, you can be sure nobody will leave disappointed!

Holiday Tins

Tis’ the season to snack! Whether it is a treat for your holiday party or office or a gift for the person who loves the Colby Ridge classics, there are plenty of reasons why holiday tins bring cheer to those who get to enjoy them!

Sports Team Tins

Right now is the time of year when many popular sports are in high gear, and their fans are too.  For the sports fanatic in your life, Colby Ridge offers popcorn tins featuring all of your favorite college, NFL, NBA, or MLB teams. These tins offer three different flavors of gourmet popcorn and are great snacks for the game while representing your team spirit.

Unique Flavors

Choose from one, or mix several! Colby Ridge offers plenty of variety and popcorn flavors you won’t find anywhere else.  Along with their classic white, caramel, cheese and kettle corn varieties, some great choices are cheesy jalapeno, tutti frutti, cinnamon, toffee nut, rainbow, and caramel apple.  They also offer chocolate covered potato chip tins, chocolate caramel corn cluster tins, or a five compartment mixture of their chocolate covered delicacies. In fact, their chocolate covered potato chips are all individually hand-dipped without the use of any machines!

Buy Local, Support Local

Colby Ridge highly values their relationships with local businesses, companies, organizations, and the Lincoln community.  Not only is Colby Ridge a locally owned and operated business; they are also very active in supporting the community by offering their products for fundraisers.  They make it simple by offering local organizations special low rates, which allows them to keep all of the profits while delivering the best popcorn around!

Personalize Your Popcorn

Colby Ridge provides personalized options for your next event, which are great for fundraisers as well.  They print color labels for individual bags of popcorn and will take your logo, graphics, text, and colors of choice in order to create a one-of-a-kind marketing or promotional product – or just a really cool party favor! These are excellent for wedding receptions, tradeshows, birthday parties, graduation parties, holiday parties, corporate events…the list goes on and on!  Colby Ridge places a major emphasis on being extremely flexible, and their staff works directly with each client to customize their products just about way you can think of – the possibilities are endless.

Holiday Shopping Made Easy!

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