When you call the professionals at Big Birge Plumbing (www.bigbirgeplumbing.com), you won’t find your average Joe. You will find incredibly talented plumbers who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience every time. Their team values hard work, honesty, integrity, respect, and American craftsmanship—and they like to have a little fun, too. For your next residential or commercial plumbing project, trust this family owned and operated plumbing company in Omaha to give you the high-quality service you deserve without flushing your money down the drain!


When it comes to building, you can’t forget about the plumbing…that would stink if you did! Big Birge Plumbing knows how to work with contractors and business owners to keep the commercial construction process running smoothly. They want every project to finish on time and on budget, and to exceed your expectations. With a combined 40 years of experience, along with the necessary tools and equipment, Big Birge is a step above the rest. They take on all types of new commercial plumbing projects, including additions and renovations, new construction installations, and new multi-family installations.

Breakdown of Services

Piping and plumbing: Big Birge takes care of all of the gas, water, and drainage to ensure it is safely installed.
Sewer and water lines: In order to prevent backups, Big Birge takes care of the water and sewer line installation process.
Fixtures: Every bathroom and kitchen must have faucets, toilets, and shower heads.
Shut-off valves: All showers, sinks, and toilets must have a shut-off valve installed.

Residential Plumbing in Omaha

Big Birge Plumbing handles all types of residential plumbing services, including repairs and remodeling. Regardless of whether you need help with the entire project or just certain aspects, their team of experienced plumbers can help. They make it their top priority to provide you with quality plumbing work in a stress-free environment, so you don’t have to worry about mess or disruption in your home. Residential plumbing services include:

• Drain cleaning and installation
• Faucet repair and instillation
• Sink repair and installation
• Grease trap installation
• Piping repair and installation
• Sewer line repair and installation
• Sump pump repair and installation
• Toilet repair and installation
• Water heater repair and installation

Join the growing family of satisfied customers by choosing Big Birge Plumbing for all your commercial and residential plumbing needs!

We’re looking for more plumbers to join our team!
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