Berry Law — America’s Veterans Law Firm

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Berry Law — America’s Veterans Law Firm

Berry Law supports and represents the servicemen and women who sacrificed for our nation, while also defending the Constitutional rights of all Nebraskans. They fight alongside those who choose to fight back when a conflict or injury jeopardizes their freedom, family, or future. Berry Law represents veterans with VA appeals nationwide and maintains a regional trial practice which includes criminal defense, personal injury, civil litigation, and military law. The firm was also recognized by the Department of Labor for their commitment to hiring Veterans.

Berry Law is known for developing some of the best trial lawyers in the Midwest, and they are one of the largest trial firms in Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. Leadership and technology differentiate Berry Law from their competitors. Their large referral network of clients, law firms, and vendors helps make their success possible. Their clients respect them and trust them to handle their most serious problems.

Founding attorney John Stevens Berry, Sr. has appeared in court in 24 states and two foreign countries. Following his military service, he was associated with the Henry B. Rothblatt Offices in New York in 1970 and 1971, where he tried a number of high-profile cases. In 1971, he returned to Lincoln and has continued to have a regional criminal trial practice. His son, Attorney John S. Berry Jr., followed in his footsteps and is dedicated to helping his clients fight some of the most important battles of their lives. Not only has he led successful teams in the courtroom, resulting in several jury trial victories, but he has also led soldiers in deployments to Iraq and Bosnia. His warrior ethos has become the foundation for the firm’s success. Beyond the battlefield and the courtroom, John’s leadership experience extends to local community and national organizations that protect our constitutional rights and our veterans.

CULTURE – The culture of excellence at Berry Law shows in everything they do. They are a meritocracy; opportunities, promotions, and raises are based on performance and potential, not seniority or title. Leaders have emerged at all levels of the organization. They are a culture of winning, and proud to say that their VA appellate attorneys and non-attorney advocates consistently win backpay awards for their Veteran clients in excess of $100,000. They are also a culture of referrals. Berry Law’s clients trust them to handle their most important legal matters and do not hesitate to refer their closest friends and family to the firm.

PEOPLE – The attorneys and staff that make up Berry Law are hand selected. The firm provides outstanding employee development. Team members bring unique perspective to every conversation and provide a collaborative working environment. Collaboration at all levels is prevalent as the team openly discusses how to improve Berry Law and themselves.

TRAINING – Berry Law trains to win. The training is realistic and challenging. They maximize on-the-job opportunities and they invest in education. New attorneys and staff participate in a 90-day onboarding program. Attorneys attend quarterly in-house training and staff receive monthly in-house training. They also conduct After Action Reviews after every jury trial.

ENVIRONMENT – Clients, guests, and team members feel the energy before they walk through the front doors of Berry Law. When entering the lobby, they can see they are patriots, Veterans, and defenders of the Constitution.

CLIENT SERVICE – The attorneys at Berry Law set clear standards of service with their clients, and they deliver on those services. They believe feedback is a gift, so if the client ever feels an attorney is failing to provide 5-Star service, Berry Law encourages honest feedback. In addition, they respond to client phone calls and emails the same day they are received, whether it be a substantive response or a mere acknowledgment of receipt. When they receive referrals, the referring attorney is proactively kept informed to the extent the client permits. When clients require after-hours service, the firm’s on-duty attorney is always available to assist with phone calls, jail visits, hospital visits, and more.

402-466-8444 | | 222 S 15th St., #405N | Omaha, NE 68102

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