Acadian Grille Dundee
Southern Food Done Right

We had fallen in love with Acadian Grille back in August of last year when they opened their first scratch kitchen in Omaha off of 114th and Dodge. So when we heard that the restaurant expanded its southern-sized footprint to the Dundee neighborhood, bringing with it a new menu featuring an even wider variety of savory homemade goodness, we knew we had to check it out.

First thing to note right of the bat was that there is a parking lot right next door that people can park in for $2, so there is no need to worry about finding street parking on a busy night.

The atmosphere in Acadian Grille Dundee makes it the perfect date spot, the perfect place to dine with your family, and the perfect place to grab a drink with friends…all at once. Chandeliers, warm lighting, royal purple and gold walls, and a grand wooden back bar really channel in that downtown New Orleans vibe. Vibrant jazz music in the background fills the dining area with that Southern energy that allows you to loosen up and feel good.

If you like to start your meal with some cocktails like us, we recommend the Jalapeño Business, which has already earned a reputation as a neighborhood favorite. There is no need to be scared of the spiciness of this drink—it has just enough kick to make you feel alive without a burning aftertaste. They also serve a good Old Fashioned, especially for those who enjoy a fruity twist to their rye whiskey. We also tried the Hurricane, which we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn’t too sweet. Rum lovers will appreciate this one!

From the Starters menu, we went with the Brussels Sprouts and Loaded Cajun Fries. If you know us, we have to try the Brussels sprouts everywhere we go. We’re happy to say that Acadian Grille passed our test. They were soaked and sautéed to perfection so they weren’t too chewy, very easy to eat. The fries were amazing as well. You may think of what you get at a baseball game when you hear loaded fries but the homemade Cajun sauce gives them a sophisticated taste.

We had a hard time deciding what our entrees should be because everything sounded so good. Smoked brisket? Nashville hot chicken sandwich? Blackened catfish? Gouda mac ‘n cheese? Jambalaya? We ended up ordering the BBQ Baby Backs and Pecan Crusted Snapper. The smoked meat options at Acadian Grille are unique to the Dundee location because they have a large, industrial smoker that can get the job done right. Our primal instincts came out in full force when the ribs hit the table. They were very tender and smothered in a delicious BBQ sauce. The Pecan Crusted Snapper took us further into the Louisiana bayou with its freshness and colorful flavors. The shrimp and beurre blanc sauce had a savory buttery taste without the “fattening” element that can ruin a dish. The crust gave it good texture.

These items were served with collard greens and mashed sweet potatoes. If you’re not a collard greens person or maybe you’re scared to try them…Acadian Grille is the place to give them another chance. They just know what they’re doing. Also, you’ve never had sweet potatoes like the ones at Acadian Grille. They have a kick, and they balanced out our dishes really well.

Finally, if you have room for dessert, the Bread Pudding is to die for. Homemade with bananas and craisins, it isn’t too mushy and it’s great for sharing!

Get Acadian Grille to Cater Your Next Event!

You can go to either of Acadian Grille’s two locations in Omaha to enjoy Southern food done right, or you can have them bring their savory fare to your next event! You can treat your guests to Acadian Grille’s authentic Cajun cuisine or their perfectly smoked meat options. They even do free delivery within 10 miles! Go online to check out Acadian Grille’s catering menu.

5018 Underwood Ave. |
(402) 991-1552 (Dundee) | (402) 933-0980 (Catering)