REDiTECH is a full service and support information technology company. While they welcome clients of any size, most of their client base consists of small to medium sized companies.  For budgetary purposes, companies of this size typically do not have an on-site IT department, so outsourcing their IT needs to our company is an affordable solution.   REDiTECH offers a variety of managed services to our clients but also offers break/fix, special projects management, and consulting.  Steve Willis is an owner and President of REDiTECH.

How did you get started in the business? – I previously worked for a medical billing company and in the early 90’s when the PC was introduced.   They had purchased one for the office and I was fascinated with it.  Back then, there was no support for these machines.  I couldn’t get enough and after learning everything inside and out, everyone was asking me for help.  The clients started putting PCs in their clinics and needed someone to support them.  A new department of the company was born and I was selected head it up.

What has been your most important achievement professionally? – Starting a business from the ground up and seeing it flourish.

Tell me a little about your family. – Sixteen years ago I married my best friend and soul mate, Allison.  We have two “fur kids”, Denali who is 3 years old and our brand new puppy Havana.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? – Deciding to go into business with my brother Chris Polito and partner Dane Johnson, which was the single best business decision I’ve ever made.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? – Golfing with friends or traveling with my wife.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? – I have a creative side.  I really enjoy drawing and painting.

What are you the most proud of? – I am proud as well as grateful for having a successful marriage, a successful business and too many great friends to count.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?  – “The smartest thing you can do in business is to surround yourself with individuals that know more than you”.

If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? – Awesome.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? – Immortality.

If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? – Professional golfer.

What is your favorite book or the last good book you read? – Autobiography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

What is your favorite movie? – Tin Cup

What is your favorite TV show? – Mad Men and Big Bang Theory

What is your favorite local restaurant? – While there are many to choose from, my favorite local restaurant is Nicolas Italian Restaurant in the Old Market.

If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? – Steve Jobs

If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? – By phone at (402) 933-6887, by email at, or visit