When Steve Tweedy moved to Omaha for college, he began working with The Garden Café as a host/busser and quickly moved up the ladder learning everything from bakery to cooking to catering.  When the offer came to buy the restaurant, he jumped at the opportunity and purchased it along with Brent Ganey.  The Garden Café was founded in 1985 and was initially opened as a small coffee shop that bloomed into a full scale restaurant, bakery, and catering establishment. They are locally owned and operated. Brent and Steve are truly hands-on people from cooking to taking out the trash to menu development. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to help their business succeed.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally?
Every day restaurant life. There is no down time and good or bad is a split second from happening no matter how well you think you have prepared.

What has been your most important achievement professionally?
Ownership in a profitable company.

Tell us a little about your family.
I am a father to six children. Four of them have worked for me and two are waiting to start preschool. I have been married to my wife Stacey for just over five years.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life?
The birth of my first child and the marriage to my wife Stacey.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?
My day off is spent with my wife and two babies. Layla is three and Jameson is one.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know?
I am the tenth child in a family of fifteen. Yes. Irish and Catholic.

What are you the most proud of?
My parents. Fifteen kids, all productive pieces of society.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Be happy with yourself because no one else will be if you are not.

What is the one goal you would most like to accomplish?
A healthy mind and soul when and if I ever retire.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
See the future. I know that’s cheating but I’m ok with that.

What are your plans after retirement?
Hopefully travel the world with a beautiful young woman. I’ve got the woman, now I just need to travel.

What is your greatest talent that you don’t utilize in your daily work life?
I’m pretty good with my hands. When things break I can usually fix them. Or by watching I will know what to look for the next time.

Which talent would you most like to have?
Play the piano.

What is your favorite movie?
The Shawshank Redemption

What is your favorite TV show?
Football. Is that a TV show?

What is your favorite local restaurant?
The Garden Café. I do actually eat here with my family more than anywhere else and have for many years before I owned it.

If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be?
Oprah Winfrey. Is there anyone who started with less and did more than her?

If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so?
I am at the restaurant almost every day. Call (402) 393-0252 or visit us on the web at www.gardencaferockbrook.com.