Meet Donald Kracke, CEO at BspokelQ (

Tell us a little about your business. – BspokeIQ is more than a business to me; it’s a passion project born out of personal experience. As a certified business coach, I’ve navigated the complexities of the business world, and at every turn, I found the need for personalized support services. Recognizing this gap, I set out to build solutions for myself, and the revelation struck – many others faced similar challenges. BspokeIQ is more than a support network; it’s a tailored ecosystem designed to meet the unique needs of businesses. Whether its business coaching, marketing, social media management or any other support service, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our personalized approach ensures that every client receives the specific support they require to thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

My journey as a business coach has not only equipped me with insights into the nuances of entrepreneurship but also fueled the creation of BspokeIQ – a place where businesses find not just services, but a partner invested in their success. It’s not just about offering support; it’s about understanding, empathizing and delivering solutions that make a tangible difference. That’s the ethos of BspokeIQ, and I’m proud to lead a team that shares this commitment to personalized excellence.

How did you get started in the business? – Embarking on the journey of starting BspokeIQ was a natural progression for me. Drawing from my experience as a certified business coach and the challenges I encountered throughout my career, the idea crystallized: there was a genuine need for a personalized business support network.

Born and raised in Nebraska, I’ve always valued community and understanding. Starting BspokeIQ was about extending that sense of community to the business world. I wanted to create a space where businesses could access tailored solutions, recognizing that each venture is unique.
The journey of starting BspokeIQ wasn’t just a business decision; it was a mission to offer something different – something founded on kindness, understanding and a commitment to helping businesses thrive. Today, BspokeIQ stands as a testament to the belief that business support should be as unique as the businesses themselves.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? – One of the most pivotal moments in my career was when I accepted a management position that wasn’t initially within my skill set. Despite the advice of friends cautioning me against it, I was determined to prove everyone wrong. This decision turned out to be a significant turning point, as it forced me to confront challenges head-on.

Despite the skepticism around me, I forged ahead. This experience, although initially challenging, made me a stronger person. It compelled me to look at situations from various angles, ultimately enhancing my ability to work with coaching clients.

The lesson learned was invaluable – sometimes, taking a path less traveled can lead to unexpected personal and professional growth. It shaped my perspective, instilled resilience and significantly influenced my approach to coaching and business management.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? – On my day off, my favorite thing to do is to immerse myself in the outdoors and work on the farm. Interestingly, when I’m out with the cattle on the farm, my mind often wanders into the realm of business concepts and ideas.

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