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River City Six – Rebecca Turner

Meet Rebecca Turner, CEO of Grief’s Journey (

Tell us a little about your business.

Since 2001, Grief’s Journey (formerly Ted E. Bear Hollow) has provided a welcoming, safe place for grieving children, teens, and adults to offer each other hope and support. Our vision is that no one has to walk their grief journey alone, and we believe we’re creating a more compassionate and resilient community through our support programs, professional training and consultation. Our agency relies on charitable contributions, special event income, and volunteerism to sustain our free programs.

How did you get started in the business?

A friend forwarded me the position description because she knew about my family’s personal experience with grief. I jumped at the opportunity to help lead and grow an organization I knew was vitally important to our community.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally?

Finding the confidence to think bigger and go deeper, but when you carve out the time and guts, it pays off!

What has been your most important achievement professionally?

Assembling and nurturing the BEST staff teams ever!

Tell us a little about your family.

My amazing husband and I have a very charming 3 year old. We’re all a little obsessed with hockey and Star Wars.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life?

I got pretty sick when I was in college; the kind of sick that would have/could have made me delay graduation and miss out on a lot of the best of early adulthood. I took the opportunity to listen to my body (that was stressed to the brink), ease up on myself a little bit, and discover a different path.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Hiking/camping with my family.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know?

We build an ice rink in our back yard every year.

What are you the most proud of?

My ability to rise to the occasion.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

To embrace my “inner Susan Sarandon,” meaning to find my voice and speak up. The advice came from a boss and mentor who thought perhaps I was too concerned about appearing ladylike.

If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be?


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To erase regret.

What is your greatest talent that you don’t utilize in your daily work life?

I rearrange my furniture weekly.

If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be?

Creative writing or fine art.

What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why?

We have so many wonderful organizations in Omaha! I greatly respect and admire the work of organizations such as 75 North and Omaha by Design, Women’s Fund of Omaha, Women’s Center for Advancement, YES, Intercultural Senior Center…the list goes on and on. I just wish I could do more to support all of them.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Again, there are so many to choose from! Right now, we keep Salween Thai and Lalibela in regular rotation.

If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so?

Email:; Website:


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