Zuptu™ (zuptu.com) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that centralizes and simplifies the safety training and management experience to increase employee engagement and on-time training rate. In turn, Zuptu™ minimizes costly errors, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace. How can Zuptu help you?

As a business, you may deal with several problems looking for software solutions. Existing solutions are expensive, not user friendly, and solve only part of the problem. Often, compliance officers must utilize multiple tools in a disjointed and inefficient way to track and train employees. As a result, quality employees are left untrained or late on training causing otherwise preventable work-related injuries and illnesses.

What is it that companies need out of their SaaS? Typically, business owners are looking for a simple and user-friendly experience, fully automated training processes, real-time notifications and reminders, automated recurring training assignments, individual and group training certifications, a mobile app for convenience, HIPAA compliant file storing and sharing capabilities, and more.

The Solution – Zuptu™. Zuptu can reduce the cost of training. According to Training Magazine‘s 2020 Industry Report, the average company spends $1,111 on training per employee. With Zuptu™, that number is approximately $250. The service can minimize costly errors. By fully automating the training cycle – including assigning, reminding, and recordkeeping – Zuptu™ nearly eliminates the manual burden otherwise placed on compliance officers. The interface is a user-friendly experience. By simplifying the employee training cycle we’ve developed frictionless experience that ultimately increases the employee engagement and on-time training rate.

Zuptu provides a place to manage all your projects in one place. They help you customize all your work into one space so it’s easier to embark and quick to adopt. They offer several products, features, and solutions in addition to providing Zuptu tutorial videos so you can utilize them in the most productive way. Find out more by visiting zuptu.com.