Bryan Dring, owner and founder of Omaha-based ThermaScan Solutions, announced that technology is now available to detect both hidden levy cracks beneath the surface and potential airport sinkholes that can be caused by ground erosion from the continuing floods.

Dring explains” using highly sophisticated thermal imaging technology, combined with Thermography, Thermal Dynamics, and the laws of physics, we are able to detect within 45 seconds of evaluation unseen cracks as small as 4 feet.  This is so crucial today as repairs can be made to levies before they fail entirely and destroy homes, businesses and life’s dreams.  Millions can be saved in insurance claims.  Simply stated, it is a forecast of things to come that we can prepare for and prevent.”

Bryan Dring has the highest level of certification (8 certification level 2) in  12 state area and utilizes special equipment valued at over $40,000 for this project.  He has been published in various trade magazines for his insights and expertise in this field, and has 16 years of experience in Thermography.

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