Strictly Business ( would like to welcome Cemre Lively to the team as the new executive assistant/director of operations.

Cemre’s role will include a wide variety of responsibilities including client correspondence, account management, event planning, and networking. Her name is Turkish and is pronounced “Gem-ra” and yes, she’s heard every mispronunciation in the book but always takes it in stride!

Cemre grew up in a small town in Tennessee, and has since lived in Colorado for a few years before moving to Lincoln this past July with her husband and two pups in tow. So far, the Lincoln scene has become like home very quickly. She has had several years of experience in different fields, including office administration positions and human resources roles. She has found a place at Strictly Business where she can thrive in a busy environment, pursue more writing, and connect with the magazine’s amazing clients.

Please help Strictly Business welcome Cemre Lively! She can be reached at the office at (402) 466-3330 or by email at To view monthly articles and stories on Omaha businesses and other local professionals, go online to