Stretch Zone Legacy ( has been providing the magic of stretching to the community since its opening in April. The sale pricing that has been intact since their opening will conclude on Tuesday, February 28. A free stretch is available for anyone that visits the store during this period.

Stretch Zone offers a simple, natural solution to your flexibility problems. Restriction range of motion can create many different preventable problems. At Stretch Zone, movement is the medicine. Their Stretchers know exactly what you need in order to get you moving pain free once again.

The 12-week Flexibility Programs at Stretch Zone Legacy are the best way to decrease pain and increase flexibility and performance. These programs and more are available for a discounted price for this limited time!

A leader in the health and wellness industry, Stretch Zone offers practitioner-assisted stretching that utilizes patented equipment to position and stabilize muscles, allowing for long lasting results. Certified practitioners follow specific methods and protocols to properly position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate muscles using powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior. Stretch Zone Legacy is located at 16920 Wright Plaza and is open seven days a week. Contact them at (402) 885-8805 / or visit to learn more.