A new global research report from Steelcase (steelcase.com/globalreport2022), “The New Era of Hybrid Work,” points to employees’ new needs since the pandemic began — greater control, comfort, and privacy in the workplace. As employers encourage people to work in the office, the office must work harder to meet these new needs.

Steelcase surveyed nearly 5,000 workers in 11 countries in late 2021, many of which have returned to the office after working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report reveals 87% of people will spend at least some of their time working from the office, but 45% prefer working from home. The report highlights three main findings that will help organizations create offices that work better than they did before:

• When people like their office, they are more engaged, productive, and connected to the organization’s culture and likely to stay.

• People are willing to trade remote workdays for their own workspace at the office.

• Access to private spaces is increasingly important as more work happens on video.

“It’s not enough to simply re-open the office doors and offer a hybrid work policy,” said Chris Congdon, director of global research communications for Steelcase. “Today’s office needs to earn the commute of employees. The office must support the new ways people work while helping to create a sense of community where people belong and feel valued.”

To read the complete report, visit steelcase.com/globalreport2022.