Release ( is excited to announce that they will be moving their office to a new location. The past few years, Release has grown from 35 employees to the current size of 59 employees. The new location will have plenty of room for all services to be located in the same building. The Mental Health division, the Foster Care division, the Mentoring staff, and the social work team will be housed at the new location, 4815 South 107th Ave.

The building will allow the space for offices for the staff, training and support meetings for foster parents, and the Release Care Closet. The Care Closet serves any foster families in the community. The space will also provide plenty of room for expansion and growth.

Release works with youth and families that are involved in the juvenile justice or child welfare/foster care system. They follow nationally recognized best practices and offer trauma-informed services. Release is locally known in the field for working with clients that have exhausted all other options or are denied by other agencies.

Release provides foster care, mentoring, mental health care, and social work services for youth and families in Omaha. Founded in 1994, Release is a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to helping families become safe, together, healthy, and free. Learn more at