Register Now for AMA Omaha’s March 9 Power Hour with Carole Sprunk, Kathy Rygg

The Omaha chapter of the American Marketing Association ( is excited to announce their next Power Hour is set for Wednesday, March 9, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Titled “Using Print to Power Your Brand Archetype”, this event will feature two speakers from Edge Publishing: Carole Sprunk, owner and publisher, and Kathy Rygg, executive editor.

The power of print is undeniable. The key to getting the most out of print is knowing your brand’s archetype. Identifying your brand’s archetype is critical to developing specific, targeted messages to reach your audience and the emotions they use to purchase. Edge Magazine uses its brand archetype to attract the right businesses to the magazine. In turn, it helps those businesses understand their brand archetype to ensure that the right emotional messages are being used across their print ad, in their editorial, and on social media. When you have the correct messaging and combine it with the power of print, then you have a winning formula! Visit to register.

AMA Omaha was founded in 1959 and is the local chapter of the American Marketing Association, the world’s largest nonprofit marketing association with over 30,000 members. AMA Omaha has over 160 members and has been the leading network for local marketing professionals for almost 60 years. For more information, visit