Qrivit, a pioneering mobile-marketing company, targets the rapidly-growing segment of smartphone users. Using the increasingly popular QR (Quick Response) codes, Qrivit has tapped into an enticing new avenue for marketing and advertising.

Since its launch during this year’s College World Series, Qrivit.com (pronounced CRIV-it) has been entertaining Omahans with their eye-catching, interactive beverage coasters at food and beverage establishments throughout the metro area. Each day users are encouraged to scan the code, or return to the mobile site to see a cool video and QrivBit (funny quotes and interesting factoids) along with an offer exclusively available on Qrivit.com through daily sponsors. Users can also subscribe to Qrivit.com to have the Qrivit of the Day sent directly to their email address.

The founders, Jim Minge and Greg Nissen, started the company to show how QR code technology can be utilized for local marketing in a fun, mobile and ever-changing manner.

Through Facebook, Twitter and their desktop site, Qrivit.com users will be teased toward the site’s daily features and taught how to utilize this technology by downloading the correct QR code applications for their smartphone.

For more information about Qrivit, please contact Greg at (402) 850-2003 or info@Qrivit.com.