Project Harmony’s ( Anti-Trafficking Services needs another vehicle! To support at-risk youth and meet them where they are, the Anti-Trafficking specialists require a reliable car to keep their identity safe from traffickers. Not to mention, December is National Donate a Car Month! Help them by donating a vehicle for this much-needed service for victims and youth at-risk of trafficking in the community by contacting Amy Chisholm at

Project Harmony’s Anti-Trafficking Youth Services Program was established to assist Omaha Police Department with their astronomical case load of youth at high risk to be sex trafficked. They work closely with Omaha Police Department to identify youth that they believe could benefit from a connection with an advocate/specialist.

The job of the specialist is to build rapport with the youth, help the youth with their basic needs, and hopefully build enough trust with the youth to allow them come forward with information about their traffickers and/or their situations. They also have a services coordinator who works to identify available services in the community for trafficking survivors as well as to gather professionals for a multi-disciplinary team response to help these youth that have been identified for the program.

The vision of this program is to help lead Omaha Police to arrests or criminal charges on the traffickers while providing youth and families with the necessary services to help them heal and move forward from the trauma of sex trafficking.

For more information about Project Harmony and their Anti-Trafficking Services, go to or contact them at / (402) 595-1326.