The Set Me Free Project Expands Into Iowa, Brings on New Staff Members

The Set Me Free Project ( is excited to announce that they have expanded their reach into Iowa. As a result of this growth, the organization recently brought on several new additions to their amazing staff: Amber Smith, regional director of Nebraska, will act as a lead for Nebraska and oversee new educators; Yolanda Harden, regional director of Iowa, will act as a lead for Iowa; and Madison Kuhn, district lead educator of Iowa, will oversee Iowa educators.

Amber entered the nonprofit world in 2013. As she continued her education, Amber was able to match her experience with purpose. She will diligently work with youth and adults to carry out the mission of The Set Me Free Project, and counteract the dangers of social media and human trafficking.

Yolanda joined the fight against human trafficking in 2017 in Iowa while working directly with youth services, foster youth, and child abuse prevention. Her life experience and personal passion has consistently been to serve youth who are under privileged or involved with the human services or juvenile justice systems.

Madison worked with children and adults with mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities before joining the fight against human trafficking in 2018. Madison has a passion to work with vulnerable youth and to spread awareness that human trafficking DOES happen in Iowa.

After all the exciting growth this summer, The Set Me Free Project is refreshed, reorganized, and ready for the school year. As one of few organizations in the country that educates on prevention for human trafficking, The Set Me Free Project teaches people in the community what trafficking is, how to stay safe on social media, and how to evaluate relationships. To learn more, visit or contact (402) 521-3080 /