Strictly Business Editor Amanda Wilson Celebrates 5 Years


Strictly Business Editor Amanda Wilson Celebrates 5 Years

Amanda Wilson, editor of the Strictly Business Lincoln and Omaha publications, is celebrating five years with the company this month!

Beginning her career as Strictly Business celebrated its 20th anniversary in Lincoln, she reaches this milestone simultaneous with its silver anniversary. Wilson has much to be proud of with the body of work that has been produced each year over the course of the past five, as she composes much of the content on behalf of her clients along with her duties as managing editor. With two magazines each month that reach a collective 25,000+ offices and business locations in Lincoln and the Omaha Metro, she has been responsible for the editorial content in 120 magazines in the time she has been with Strictly Business and her work has been read by hundreds of thousands of readers.

Regarding this career accomplishment, Wilson warmly states that it has been an honor to have this opportunity and to promote a wide variety of clients who all contribute to making our business community one that continues to thrive. She also credits the other members of her team for being tremendously dedicated to the quality of the magazines and the success of the clients that Strictly Business is fortunate to promote.

Please join us in congratulating Amanda Wilson on her 5th anniversary with Strictly Business!