Oasis Staffing is pleased to welcome Darrin Green as the Area Manager.  Darrin brings ten years of business management to Oasis along with four years of sales management and four years of sales.

Oasis Staffing is the expert at employee placement.  They strive to stop the revolving door often associated with staffing companies.  Their goal is to provide employees that their clients themselves would hire and ensure that they not only have the work ethic to succeed, but the personality of the company as well.  Oasis provides payroll processing and staffing services. Their employees are able to have medical, dental and vision benefits on day one of employment.  Partnering with Oasis allows their clients to focus on their core businesses as they handle the many time-consuming administrative functions associated with the employment relationship.

For more information about OASIS Staffing, please contact Darrin Green at (402) 525-4357 or visit their website at www.oasisstaffing.com.