With the Florence M. Lakin Child Development Center close to completion, MICAH House (themicahhouse.org) is happy to introduce the Childcare Center Director, Jess McGee. Jess brings with her over six years of childcare classroom and director experience.

“I grew up within a large family with a single mother, so childcare was something I was involved in from a very young age. With three younger siblings and two that were severely premature and medically fragile, my mom needed a lot of support, and I loved helping with my siblings,” says Jess.

The Florence M. Lakin Child Development Center will offer a variety of services to help children and their families with caregivers they can trust.

“I want our program to implement trauma informed practices that provide our children and their caregivers a sense of safety, transparency, collaboration and choice,” says Jess. “I am most excited to see children in the Florence M. Lakin Child Development Center. I can’t wait to hear their laughter and silly stories, play games and watch them grow. I look forward to our center helping our families celebrate all the milestones and provide support for any challenges they face.”

For more information on how you can help support the Florence M. Lakin Child Development Center, please contact Maren Larsen, Philanthropy Director, at mlarsen@themicahhouse.org, or visit bit.ly/buildbeyondshelter.

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