Leonum Advisors, leaders in the safety, security, and risk management industry, is pleased to announce they have joined forces with Lexi Ray, founder of BAM (business & marketing) Evolutions.  Lexi Ray is held in the highest regard as the Director of Marketing & Business development for Leonum Advisors.  Lexi brings honesty, hard work, and years of experience in building client relations, branding, new business acquisitions, public relations, and everything marketing offers.

While Leonum Advisors focus on keeping you and your business safe, secure, and compliant, Lexi Ray has stepped in to help the community become aware of Leonum Advisors and all they do to help a business succeed with a plan made specifically for their company’s needs.  Please check out the newly created video at leonum.com/about-us.

For more information about Leonum Advisors, please call (402) 718-9399 / 800.604.2503 or visit www.leonum.com.