Kevin Grazier has joined the CFO Systems team in Omaha, bringing over 22 years of experience in financial, operational and project management, specializing in manufacturing and professional services. Kevin has expertise in working closely with companies to drive growth and profit by improving internal processes and developing key procedures to ensure financial success.  Kevin brings a proven track record in driving operational and financial excellence. He has negotiated and secured bank financing as well as driving over $500,000 in annual savings. He is an exceptional leader who devises winning business strategies and solutions to help produce outstanding and profitable results.

CFO Systems, LLC provides financial leadership to small and middle-market entities across the United States. The professionals at CFO Systems serve clients as CFOs and Controllers, providing practical, experienced financial leadership when and where needed. Its business financing division, CFO Capital, provides full-service solutions to assist clients in managing their capital needs and works closely with banks, leasing companies, and a wide range of funding sources.  For more information about CFO Systems, visit