Eakes Office Solutions (eakes.com), a growing midwestern company with 14 locations and over 300 employees, is excited to announce the promotion of multiple individuals who will play integral roles in our Production Print space, part of our Managed Print Division.

Scott Lilleskov has been promoted to Production Print Manager. In addition to already managing major accounts for Eakes, Scott will work closely with our Production Print Sales team to foster growth and provide exceptional service to our clients.

Ramsey Qubty and Steve Zikmund from our Managed Print Division have been promoted to the positions of Production Print Specialists. Ramsey, who has been with us since 2013, will now cover the eastern region of the state. Steve, who has been with them since 2014, will cover the western region of the state.

“Scott, Ramsey and Steve bring a wealth of experience and dedication to their new roles. We are confident that their contributions will further strengthen our commitment to delivering top-tier production print solutions to our customers, said” Mark Miller, President and CEO of Eakes Office Solutions.

Their Production Print solution specializes in high-volume printing and color critical output tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. With cutting-edge technology and expertise, Eakes can provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective printing services. From large-scale commercial printing projects to personalized marketing materials, this solution offers a range of products. For more information please visit, eakes.com.