Dreamweaver Foundation Welcomes New Board Member Glenn Van Ekeren

Dreamweaver Foundation (www.dreamweaver.org) is thrilled to have Glenn Van Ekeren join their Board of Directors. For over 40 years, Glenn has dedicated his work to helping people grow. As the president of Vetter Health Services in Omaha, he is passionate about inspiring team members to do what they do unlike anyone else in the industry, changing the perception of long-term care. As an author and motivational speaker, Glenn has shared multiple books, seminars, and keynote speeches on how individuals and organizations can pursue their potential. His down-to-earth approach and practical strategies have inspired others to enthusiastically live life to the fullest.

“I certainly believe that it is never too late to dream, so I am excited to be part of the Dreamweaver Foundation’s mission to fulfill lifelong dreams for terminally ill seniors in need. What a wonderful way to bring a little burst of joy into someone’s life,” comments Glenn. “As we strive to be a blessing in our seniors’ lives, I’m convinced our lives will be blessed as well.”

Dreamweaver Foundation brings together generous donors, loving volunteers, and terminally ill seniors with unfulfilled end-of-life dreams. If you would like to learn more about Dreamweaver, please visit www.dreamweaver.org or call (402) 697-5471.